WATCH: 'The Lightsaber Maker' fan film imagines world of artisanal lightsabers

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May 14, 2018, 12:51 PM EDT (Updated)

Rogue One showed us the story behind the architect of the Death Star, so why not have a behind-the-scenes look at an engineer of a different kind? Canadian filmmaker Jeremy Brown has given us that with "The Lightsaber Maker," a hilarious, 11-minute faux-documentary on Valin Horn, who claims to be the Galaxy's only "artisanal" creator of lightsabers.

Blending the satirical humor of the guy who wrote a book about how to "artisinally" sharpen pencils (he did actually have a pencil-sharpening business in upstate New York), with deeply affectionate Star Wars references and a very well-executed droid puppet by the name of ArBee, "The Lightsaber Maker" has a little something for every fan... especially if you've ever scratched your head at the fact that there was recently a "mayonnaise-only" store in Brooklyn, or if you enjoy any expansion of the Star Wars universe

Check out "The Lightsaber Maker" below: 

It's pretty creepy that he works for the Sith, mostly, but Jedi are supposed to make their own lightsabers, so it's a no-go there, and as Horn (played by Scott Patey) explains, "Sith don't have the patience to stay on the Light Side of the Force, you think they got the patience to deal with tiny little electronics?"