Lois Lane Was Once Raised By Leopards - And All Her Other Weird Lives | SYFY WIRE

WATCH: The many strange lives of Lois Lane

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Apr 13, 2018

After 80 years, a Pulitzer, a few superhero alter-egos, and at least one act of grand theft Batmobile, Lois Lane has had a very full life. Many lives, in fact.

She's been a mother, a wife, Red Tornado, a dead person (that's how she became Red Tornado), and there was that one time she became a black woman for a day (yikes, 1970 DC, yikes). Her character has served as an at times problematic portrayal of how society has viewed empowered women. And through it all, Lois is always committed to the pursuit of journalism, and the pursuit of becoming Mrs. Superman at any cost.

Which Lois is your favorite? Superhero? Journalist? Evil Dead? Blue Lantern? (Don’t say the black Lois or we'll drag you on Twitter ourselves). Karama Horne breaks down the many lives of Lois Lane.

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