Watch: Learn the history of Marvel's Mighty Thor in 2 minutes!

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Lucas Siegel
Aug 22, 2017

You may know him as the God of Thunder. You may know him as an Avenger. You may know him as that superhero that Chris Hemsworth plays. But did you know that Thor has shared his hammer with a horse-faced alien? Or that he was once transformed into a frog?

Don't worry, if you haven't read five decades of Marvel Comics and don't know your Walt from your Jack from your Olivier, we have you covered. In this In 2 Minutes video, we'll tell you everything you need to know about the Marvel Comics life of the god perfectly comfortable being lovingly called "Goldilocks."

Check out the history of the Mighty Thor below, and head into Thor: Ragnarok this November with a little more knowledge than your average Marvel movie fan!

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