Watch: The one question the cast of The 100 can't answer

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

There are a lot of questions up in the air following the Season 4 finale of The CW Network's hit drama The 100. After the radiation death wave at the end of last year, the characters have spent the last six years separated by more than just distance.

Clarke is on the ground, alone except for a single young Night Blood. Meanwhile, Octavia is leading the 13 warring clans below ground -- the girl under the floor once again -- while Raven, Bellamy, Murphy, Monty, Harper, Emori, and Echo are all living in space on what remains of the ark.

What have they been doing for the last six years (and seven days)? Why haven't the folks in space come down a full year after it's safe to do so? And how will they all finally reunite when the show returns in Season 5? We put all these questions to the cast and creators during San Diego Comic-Con.

But what's the one question they couldn't answer? Check out the video below to find out.