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WATCH: The stars of Deadpool 2 play 'Guess That X-Force Character'

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May 19, 2018, 8:57 PM EDT (Updated)

With Deadpool 2 now taking over movie theaters from one coast to another and every city and town in between, longtime fans will finally get a chance to see X-Force make its big-screen debut. It's hard to overstate how big a deal this is. This team was a defining presence in modern-age comics. Until Jim Lee and X-Men #1 came along, X-Force #1 was the best-selling comic of all time, with 5 million polybagged copies sold.

Seeing X-Force members like Shatterstar, Bedlam, and, of course, Cable in a movie is the stuff nerd dreams are made of. But while we know that the people who make comic book films say all the right things about "respecting the source material" and reading "tons of back issues" as part of their prep, SYFY WIRE wanted to find out just how seriously the people behind Deadpool 2 took their X-Force research. And there's no better way to do that than with a pop quiz! 

We showed up for our interviews with director David Leitch and stars Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, and Julian Dennison armed with our special "Guess That X-Force Character" quiz. Overall, they fared better than the Days of Future Past cast did when we hit 'em with our X-Men test, but one particular Deadpooler failed spectacularly. Somewhere, Rob Liefeld is shaking his head in disappointment.

Watch for yourself, and keep checking back here on SYFY WIRE all weekend for more coverage of Deadpool 2