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WATCH: The untold story of the Jurassic World inflatable T-Rex costume

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Jun 19, 2018, 2:45 PM EDT (Updated)

"Life is better as a T-Rex." That's the tagline of Rubie's incredibly popular inflatable T-Rex costume, which was loosely inspired by the first Jurassic World movie. Not even the creators of this costume could have predicted how it would take on a life of its own.

But in retrospect, it makes perfect sense. The costume completely conceals the wearer, which allows their identity to be fully hidden. That lets almost anyone perform their take on a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which sometimes leads to hilarious results.

SYFY WIRE recently went behind the scenes at Rubie's Costume Co. to get the inside scoop on how the inflatable T-Rex costume became a cultural phenomenon.

"When we [saw] it worn for the first time, we noticed the motion that goes into this once someone is wearing it," recalled creative director Michael Ontiveros. "Their head is bobbing around, and their tail is moving around... Once we [saw] that, we made the head even larger. It's a character of a dinosaur as well as a person."

"We didn't quite realize what we had," admitted Howard Beige, Rubie's executive vice president. "People immediately started to make their own videos... of T-Rex doing everything from shoveling snow to gardening to driving. Everything you can think of."

The T-Rex costume has become so pervasive that Ontiveros has encountered people wearing it outside of work, which he describes as a somewhat bizarre experience. Fans show off the costume for him without even realizing his role in the creation of it.

You can watch the full video below for more fun details about the inflatable T-Rex costume!