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WATCH: The Walking Dead cast share who they'd want to revive (and more)

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Apr 17, 2018, 5:15 PM EDT

The Walking Dead's bloody All-Out War storyline finally came to a close on Sunday when the AMC series aired its Season 8 finale. The show then led to the hotly anticipated premiere of Fear the Walking Dead's fourth season that saw Morgan (Lennie James) crossover from the mother ship to the spinoff.

SYFY WIRE recently had the chance to chat with Walking Dead stars Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel Stokes) and Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter), who both recently walked the Red Carpet ahead of the show's season finale. The two actors appeared alongside FTWD cast members Kim Dickens (Madison Clark) and Colman Domingo (Victor Strand) who were on hand for their own show's season premiere.

Gilliam and McDermitt of course touched upon the finale but also discussed some plot points such as Father Gabriel's mysterious illness: "I can't say too much about the illness. I don't know too much about the illness myself actually. I think that’s by design," Gilliam told us.

McDermitt also talked about using his brother as inspiration for Eugene's voice, and the two actors revealed which Walking Dead characters they would like to resurrect.

"It would be Tyreese and his hammer," Gillam answered without hesitation. "I love the character of Tyreese. I love the gentle giant. I think he faced some similar issues that Father Gabriel is facing in terms of what does it take to maintain his humanity. What was he willing to do to survive? And I also think he was a force. He took out practically a whole herd by himself with just his hammer. With one hammer."

On the other hand McDermitt couldn't decide, so we let him pick two characters/actors he would bring back on the zombie series. Take a look at the video to see who McDermitt chose, and more.

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