Watch these Atlanta students find out they're seeing Black Panther

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Feb 4, 2018, 5:51 PM EST (Updated)

Black Panther won't be in theaters for another few days, but the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film is already on track to break box-office records opening weekend. Much of what is likely driving ticket sales is excitement for diverse representation finally coming to the MCU -- as evidenced by the now-viral video of a group of middle school students finding out they'll be seeing the film. 

The Ron Clark Academy is a middle school in Atlanta, Georgia, whose students represent a variety of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds from around the city. Two teachers at the school recently came up with the idea to integrate the release of Black Panther with the school's curriculum including science, math, and history lessons tied in to the film, which is the first MCU film set in Africa. Of course, part of this integration includes taking the students to see Black Panther, and their excitement upon learning they'd be seeing the film together is heartwarming.

Check out this video on Twitter:

According to ABC News, the surprise announcement even began with an African-inspired spoken-word performance. Black Panther takes place in the fictional African country of Wakanda and is a huge step forward when it comes to diverse representation in superhero films. Marvel and director Ryan Coogler used real African culture and language as inspiration for the details of Wakanda. Using the fictional world to create excitement for learning about real-world cultures is yet another example of the power film has to impact our lives. Now, how do we enroll at this school? 

Black Panther dances into theaters February 16.

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