Watch these wacky, rarely-seen retro Star Wars cast interviews

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Dec 18, 2018, 9:00 PM EST (Updated)

To help celebrate this joyous weekend when the heavens above split asunder and bestow a new Star Wars flick on fandom in the form of Rogue One, it's perfectly appropriate to glance back in time to the legacy characters of the original trilogy and remember some cringe-worthy moments while the cast was doing press junkets and interviews.  Here's a hilarious video by Screen Junkies stitching together awkward and embarrassing interviews with Mark Hamill , Peter Cushing, Billy Dee Williams,  David Prowse, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher from back in the day before Laughing Chewbacca viral videos and Disney gobbled up Lucasfilm for a cool four billion bucks. While it's hard to believe a time in history when Star Wars was not part of our collective vocabulary, it did exist!  

Here's proof positive in this crazy collection of blush-inducing spotlights to prime you for this weekend's Rogue One riot.  Particularly entertaining are the bits with Hamill saying he's sick of Star Wars, Ford creepily hitting on his interviewer, Prowse mentioning James Earl Jones' "negro" voice and Cushing doing an impression of catching invisible moths in the air. Have a peek and tell us which snippets are the most priceless!

Also included are clips from the original trailers, toy ads, 1-800 number recording sessions and a making-of doc hosted by Leonard Nimoy.

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