Super Mario Bros. - Warp Zones

Watch this guy beat Super Mario Bros. in under five minutes

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Sep 26, 2018

A gamer has broken the record for the fastest speed run through Super Mario Bros. Much to his own surprise, YouTube user Kosmicd12 zips through the classic Nintendo game in just under 4 minutes and 56 seconds (4:55:96, to be exact), beating YouTuber darbian's record of a wisp over 4 minutes and 57 seconds achieved in 2016.

And admittedly, yes, Kosmicd12 does use Warp Zones bypassing most of the worlds. And he takes advantage of a glitch in the game that allows Mario to walk through brick walls. But that's completely fair and square. 

Check out his run below:

As you can see, Kosmicd12 neither races nor dawdles; he picks up the coins he needs, dodges all obstacles, and doesn't pick up any of the stars that make Mario temporarily invincible or mushrooms that make Mario either grow or shoot fireballs. And clearly, this tactic works. 

"It was supposed to be a joke but somehow this happened- the first 4:55 in Super Mario Bros. and probably the last second-barrier that will ever be broken in this game," the gamer wrote under the video. 

So, can we expect any challengers looking to break Kosmicd12's new record? 

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