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Watch this guy do Spider-Man's PS4 stunts in real life

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Nov 28, 2018, 3:59 PM EST (Updated)

Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 broke tons of sales records and has been generally accepted as the best Spider-Man game (and potentially best superhero game) out there. It’s full of incredible animation, plenty of high-flying antics, and superhuman feats of strength and agility.

Or... are they?

A YouTuber has recently proven that Peter Parker’s spider mutations pushed him pretty far beyond the average human, but not so far that a stuntman couldn’t recreate his movements. Parkour/freerunning stuntman and YouTuber Ronnie Shalvis posted a video of a very familiar-looking superhero flipping around a park and the results are truly incredible.

Check it out:

Bring on the combo multipliers. Matching the animation up with human movements is even better in this amateur form than watching any motion capture videos — not only because you can hear bystanders tooling around and realizing they’re in the presence of something awesome. No web-shooters necessary, that Spider-Man is a real-life long as the baddies wait until he’s done cartwheeling around to open fire.

Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 lags behind a few other contenders on the video game sales charts for the year, but inspiring people like Shalvis means the game has definitely made its mark beyond allowing fans to play as shirtless Peter Parker.