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WATCH: This guy owns the world's biggest '80s collection

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Aug 18, 2018, 8:42 PM EDT (Updated)

John-Paul Annunziato isn't technically in any Guinness World Record book, but locked away between a storage unit and his attic here in New York City you'll find, well, just about everything from the 1980s you can think of. Old advertisements, cereal boxes, video games, comic books, HAIR DRYERS!

That's right. The man has 1980s hair dryers.

You might be wondering why someone goes about collecting three-decade-old stuff. What, other than nostalgia, compels a human being to stuff their home and then spend money for storage just so you can have He-Man and Peter Venkman and ALF all at the ready?

Well, JP has an interesting story that involves his family and the things he couldn't afford back in the day. And his nostalgia is less about remembering the things he used to own and more thinking back to all the things he wished he'd owned.

So me and my tragic mustache/Major Dad haircut sat down with JP and we talked about his collection, what's the rarest, the weirdest, the most beloved, and just where he got all those wonderful toys.

Want more of JP's world? Check out his official site, explore his Facebook page, find him on YouTube, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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