Watch: Tini Howard, Gilbert Hernandez and Shelly Bond on their IDW Black Crown title Assassinistas

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

If you're looking for creator-owned comics with a forked tongue, pull up a stool at the Black Crown Pub. The IDW creator-owned label announced three more comics to join Kid Lobotomy at Comic-Con, including Punks Not Dead and a Black Crown Quarterly that reminds readers that these titles also exist in the same universe. The other title is a six-issue mini-series due out in December titledĀ Assassinistas, and it's written by Tini Howard and drawn by Gilbert 'Beto' Hernandez (Love and Rockets).

It's the story of Octavia, a hit woman who is forced out of retirement so she can earn enough money to put her son Dominic through college. To accomplish this, she has to rescue the child of one of her former bounty-hunter partners and needs to pull Dominic's teeth to help her and ropes his boyfriend Taylor into the act too. It's a story of family, careers and romance.

After writing genre titles like Magdalena for Top Cow, Rick and Morty for Oni Press, and Power Rangers for Boom!, Howard is an up-and-comer who has been stewing about the idea of Assassinistas for a long time. There's this Sarah Connor/John Connor relationship that Howard wants to explore with Octavia and Dominic, but Assassinistas is also about aging women returning to a violent work force after having families and settling into "normal" jobs.

These are complex characters in complicated situations, but there's probably no one who could handle this complexity better than Hernandez. He's also a surprise choice given his body of work. Action and contract hits are a far cry from some of Beto's work like Marble Season or Bumperhead. So it's exciting to see him tackle new material like this.

Howard, Hernandez, and Black Crown curator and editor Shelly Bond stopped by the SYFY WIRE studio at Comic-Con to tell us all about some of Assassinistas' themes and Hernandez working on something he's never done before. Watch the interview below and let us know what you think.

And check out some unlettered Gilbert Hernandez art below!


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