WATCH: Todd McFarlane and Keith David reflect on Spawn: The Animated Series

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Oct 20, 2017, 6:15 PM EDT

Twenty years have passed since the misunderstood Spawn: The Animated Series made its way to the late-night airwaves of HBO. Based on Todd McFarlane's comic of the same name, the mature cartoon revolved around Vietnam vet Al Simmons (voiced by Keith David of Rick and Morty and John Carpenter's The Thing fame), who, upon being betrayed and killed by a close friend, makes a deal with a hellish overlord to become one of his soldiers, or "Hellspawn," in exchange for being able to walk the earth again. Leave it to a demon to give you the wrong end of the deal, and Simmons gets a decaying body on top of the knowledge that his wife has already moved on. Ugly and abandoned, he must fight agents of both Heaven and Hell while resisting the temptations of evil.

The show got such the graveyard slot because HBO didn't really know what do with its animation department, David tells SYFY WIRE in the interview below. Despite the cruddy air time, McFarlane is proud of the fact that it was the first show (particularly an animated show) to have all the parental warnings, because it was so violent and graphic. He was also super happy with just how perfect David was for the voice role. 

"There are very few times where you go, 'Wow, we hit the top of the mountain'," says McFarlane. "And Keith David's voice in the HBO animated series, it was perfect. I can't say that about a lot of decisions I've made in my life, and I've made a lot of imperfect decisions. His was perfect."

Check out our reflective video with the creators on the show that was way ahead of its time, then let us know what you think of McFarlane's idea to get David into the upcoming Spawn film.