Watch: Todd McFarlane explains why he will never renumber Spawn

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Aug 4, 2017

Comic book renumbering has become sort of a thing this year as comics publishers reconnect with and embrace their rich heritage.

The two longest-running titles in the DC Comics library, Action Comics and Detective Comics, both returned to their original numbering this year after having been rebooted for The New 52. Marvel is reverting back to the original numbering for its titles as part of its Legacy initiative.

While the Big Two shuffle their numbers, Todd McFarlane is staying the course.

The creator of the long-running hit Image Comics title Spawn, which just recently published its 276th issue, is not a fan of renumbering comics. While it has become a popular strategy in recent years for publishers of aging books to reboot and go back to the beginning as a way to freshen up their comics and perhaps attract new readers, McFarlane does not subscribe to that theory.

During SYFY WIRE's extensive sit-down with the comic book legend, McFarlane explained -- using baseball as a comparison point, naturally -- why he doesn't buy that the number on the front of the comic has much of an influence on sales. He also insists Spawn will never be rebooted.

Watch the video and then hit the comments and let us know if you agree with Mr. McFarlane.