Watch: Todd McFarlane gives us a guided tour of McFarlane Toys

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Jul 14, 2017, 3:00 PM EDT

When SYFY WIRE spent an afternoon at McFarlane Toys HQ, we got a firsthand look at the hands-on determination that has helped make Todd McFarlane an unqualified success in the cutthroat toy business.

It was his attention to detail that not only made McFarlane Toys a hit company, but also forced other toymakers to up their game. It's one reason why, two decades later, the company continues to expand as it diversifies its portfolio of brands.

In the three videos below, McFarlane gives contributing editor Mike Avila insight into the detail-oriented process that he feels makes his toys stand out from the rest.

In this first video, McFarlane explains how he's also a part-time model for the many rock star statues and sports figures put out each year by McFarlane Toys. Fascinating stuff, whether you're into toys or not.

In this second video, McFarlane talks about how today's fragmented nature of media consumption is a potential windfall for the smart toy company that adapts quickly. He points to his construction sets based on the hit App game Five Nights at Freddy's -- the company's unquestioned biggest hit at the moment, according to the Toddfather -- and the Rick & Morty sets as evidence of that.

In this third and final video, McFarlane unveils the first production version of the David Bowie "Goblin King" action figure from the upcoming toy line based on Labyrinth. He also reveals that sometimes the key to making a great toy is to make an imperfect toy. (It makes more sense when you hear him explain why, trust us.)

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