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WATCH: Tom Hardy's son has very specific thoughts about Venom

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Oct 2, 2018

Later this week, Sony’s adaptation of Venom will swing into theaters with Tom Hardy in the title role. And while critics have yet to officially weigh in on the new movie, Hardy has already had to face the toughest critic of them all: his 10-year-old son. The younger Hardy is a huge Marvel fan, and he wasn’t shy about sharing his Venom feedback with his famous father. 

“He was extremely critical of everything, in a good way, like 10-year-olds should be” Hardy told SYFY WIRE. “He’s in a stage where everything is very factual and has to be accurate. I think that gives him a very strong sense of security that things have to be just so. And as somebody who has read a lot of Marvel comics, not just Venom, he’s very specific about what needs to be done. Because he’s right... You can’t make stuff up with my son. If it’s not in the comic book, it just doesn’t exist.” 

As you can see in this video, when SYFY WIRE caught up with Hardy ahead of Venom’s release, he was joined by Riz Ahmed, the actor who plays Carlton Drake in the movie. But don’t call Drake a villain in front of Ahmed. 

“I don’t buy that [Drake’s a villain],” said Ahmed. “What I’m trying to do is navigate an ethical framework within the logic of the conflict and morality.”

“Instead of being black and white and binary, it’s a very grey world,” added Hardy. 

Hardy and Ahmed also spent a lot of time making each other laugh during their time with us. But to see the full extent of their silliness, you’ll have to watch the entire video! 

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