Watch: Trollhunters producers talk Season 1 finale, remembering Anton Yelchin

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Apr 1, 2017, 2:35 PM EDT

Work is already underway on Season 2, so we caught up with the creative team behind Trollhunters to discuss the first season — along with the effect of the tragic passing of star Anton Yelchin.

During a chat at WonderCon 2017, the producers noted they wanted the series to still be an epic, crazy adventure, while still finding a way to make it an emotional journey for viewers. As it went on, they realized just how dynamic the characters could be, so they shook up the connections and found creative ways to bring these characters together by the latter part of Season 1.

They said Yelchin’s next performances are arguably better than what fans saw in Season 1, and he used the voice work as a way to show his range as an actor. They said they are taking his legacy seriously in regard to the series, and they want to make Season 2 in a way that honors his memory. There's also a natural story break that allows for the character's voice to change, and that is something we may see in Year 2.

The first season of Trollhunters is streaming now on Netflix.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think: