Truth Or Dare Director On What Makes A Good Blumhouse Film (And That Creepy Face) | SYFY WIRE

WATCH: Truth or Dare director on what makes a good Blumhouse film (and that creepy face)

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Apr 12, 2018

Blumhouse is back with its latest foray into the world of horror. Truth or Dare is, as you might expect, a movie that takes a group of college co-eds to Mexico, where they accidentally get pulled into a game in which the only way to live is to keep playing.

Where did the idea come from for Truth or Dare? What about that creepy face — what is its true origin?

We sat down with director Jeff Wadlow to find out why this was the scary story he wanted to tell and the impact that Blumhouse had on Truth or Dare. Don't get scared, no one makes that creepy snapchat face ... but Wadlow does have a close connection with the smile that seems to be making everyone laugh nervously. What's the origin story?

Only one way to find out! Watch:

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