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WATCH: Truth or Dare's Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey play Truth or Truth

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Apr 12, 2018

Blumhouse strikes again. Truth or Dare, a horror take on the game you used to play in high school so you could make out with Becky, is in theaters now threatening the lives of attractive young actors.

Two actors who might bite it before the credits roll (no spoilers) are Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey. Our own Aimee Castle sat down to not only talk about the film itself, but to also play a little game of Truth or Dare herself.

Okay, it was Truth or Truth. Kinda hard to do full-on dares with complete strangers in the span of a few minutes with disapproving reps looking on. 

Oh, but what truths were told. Who was late to set? Who is the scaredy cat? Who was the creepiest and who was the nicest — all these very secret secrets are revealed in our exclusive video. Take a look.