WATCH: TV's first sci-fi superhero, Captain Video

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Apr 26, 2018, 4:21 PM EDT (Updated)

Chances are, unless you're a geek of a certain age, you might not recall the early television adventures of the medium's first superstar superhero, Captain Video!

The campy, low-budget science fiction show Captain Video and His Video Rangers debuted on the Dumont Television Network on June 27, 1949, and ran for a total of 1,537 episodes, presented five to six nights a week, until it ended on April 1, 1955.


Headquartered in a clandestine mountain hideaway in an unspecified part of the planet, Captain Video and his brave team of freedom fighters battled a range of often silly villains bent on destruction like Hing Foo Sung, Nargola, and the nefarious Doctor Pauli. Sets and props were dime-store cheap, but that only added to the live-action charm and unpredictability of this pioneering science fiction program, produced during TV's infancy.

Check out SYFY WIRE's retrospective of Captain Video and His Video Rangers in the video below and tell us if you remember this nostalgic sci-fi treasure.

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