WATCH: Valentine's Day dating tips from horror movies

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Feb 14, 2018, 12:10 PM EST (Updated)

Buried alongside, you know, the bodies in your average horror movie is usually also some good dating advice. Which comes in handy when it is, say, Valentine's Day.

What's a good first date on Valentine's? What are some long-term plans you can make for your lifelong love? How can you get out of trouble on Valentine's when you've been messing up?

How do you not get your body hijacked because your girlfriend turns out to be a serial killer/racist who eats the cereal and milk separately like a heathen?

So many important q's with such quality a's may be found, again, adjacent to the pile of disfigured corpses the likes of which you've never seen. Because horror movies are a gift.

And my gift to you is this video of all the Dating Do's and Don'ts you can learn from horror movies. You're welcome.