Watch: Valiant Comics' Rafer Roberts talks Faith, Harbinger and Archer

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Oct 24, 2016, 8:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Though Marvel and DC get a lot of the attention these days, they’re not the only shop putting out ambitious superhero stories. So we caught up with Valiant Comics’ Rafer Roberts to talk about what’s up with Faith, Archer and Renegades.

Roberts said it’s been an interesting adventure to put the characters Archer and Faith together romantically and balancing the way these characters see the world together, and how they fit as a couple. If they last the test of time, Roberts said he believes it’ll be a great beginning to an epic story.

He also offers up some fresh intel about his new series Harbinger Renegades, which follows a bunch of superhero kids who have gone up against the world's greatest supervillain …  and lost. The ongoing series will look at how these kids put the pieces of their lives back together after seeing their best efforts end with the world being a worse place.

Check out the interview below 

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