Watch: Van Helsing cast tease new villains, storylines for season 2 at SDCC

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Van Helsing season 2 promises to be dramatic and bloody, if the trailer and panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday were any indication. There, cast and crew talked about the new relationships, the blood, the villains, the blood, and the blood. Look, they mentioned blood a lot. Watch the trailer yourself right here. It's bloody.

Following up, SYFY WIRE's Cher Martinetti sat down with cast members Paul Johansson, Jonathan Scarfe, and newcomer Missy Peregrym to try to dig anything she could out of them about their characters, the major changes for Dmitri and Axel (um, he's a vampire now, so yeah, big changes), and what to expect from the intriguingly named Scarlett Harker, Peregrym's character, who she describes as "basically a ninja."

"Our producers are really forward-thinking, and give us an opportunity to learn about [our characters]. As they learn things, we learn things, so it's really fun," Johansson said. 

Check out the whole interview and find out what the cast thinks of sandwiches. Oh, and some insight into Van Helsing Season 2, coming to SYFY this September.

* Lucas Seigel contributed to this report.

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