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Watch this video of a dude who made a totally real, totally functional batarang

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Jan 30, 2014

This thing would make the real Batman jealous.

A lot of the Batman utility belt isn't exactly viable in real life. But there's at least one item that can absolutely be re-created in real life -- the batarang.

Granted, what you're about to see is not the same as the actual batarang -- it's better! Because, as the name has always suggested, it's an actual boomerang. So, you know, it actually comes back to you. Here's Victor Poulin, who created this sweet, black, dangerous thing, throwing it for the very first time. The results are a lot cooler than you'd expect.

That is so badass, that it's more than that -- it's Bat-ass!

(via Uproxx)

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