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WATCH: Voltron: Legendary Defender showrunners build a LEGO Voltron head

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Dec 14, 2018, 10:25 PM EST

“And I’ll form the head!”

Back in 1984, the original Voltron pilots always called out the steps as the lions transformed into Voltron. Now, Voltron: Legendary Defender showrunners Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos are forming a Voltron head of their own. SYFY WIRE invited Montgomery and Dos Santos to put together a LEGO Voltron head based on the classic series while they share a few details about the eighth and final season of Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender.

“You know, the interesting thing about a show that runs this long is that the characters kind of evolved naturally over time,” says Dos Santos. “They find their voices, and you have to let the story lead you along as well.”

“As we start Season 8, we’re definitely going to have to address the mysterious Altean,” notes Montgomery. “We try not to throw away story points and just be like ‘Don’t think about that!’ So for sure, we’re gonna see it again.”

Montgomery also indicates that the final season had to focus on the Paladins, despite the expanded supporting cast that has emerged since the beginning of the show.

“Season 8 needed to belong to our Paladins,” says Montgomery. “Because it was the wrapping up of their story, which is what we’ve been following this whole time.”

Dos Santos and Montgomery are admittedly a little lost as they try to figure out how to place the various LEGOs into the shape of Voltron’s head. To see how far they get and hear more details about Season 8, you’ll just have to watch the entire video.