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Watch Walking Dead's Governor tell us why it sucks to work with that eyepatch

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Jul 20, 2013, 11:10 AM EDT

When I spotted David Morrissey on the red carpet (technically, the carpet was green, fake grass, with four or five really convincing zombies lurking around) at The Walking Dead 10-year-anniversary party last night after San Diego Comic-Con closed, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the British actor’s two healthy eyes.

[Spoilers ahead, but only if you're still a season behind.]

I’m used to the Governor, who was half-blinded last season when Michonne plunged a shard of glass into his right socket. Looking him in the eyes, plural, was just weird.

So I asked him about it. It turns out acting with one eye is weird for him too. Here’s what Morrissey said:

“It's really difficult to wear, because you know I bump into things. I get terrible headaches. It really is strange. I made a terrible mistake very early on after it had gone—I had this major fight scene I had to do and I rehearsed it with two eyes. So I said, ‘I can do that, and then he comes in and I’ll hit him and that will be fine.’ And then they said, ‘OK, let's go.’ [He mimes slapping an eye patch on his face.] ‘Oh! This is completely difficult now. I can't see anybody that's over there.’ … I had to relearn the whole fight with only one eye. I'm constantly banging my head, bumping into things. It's a riot.”

But why the right eye? Who makes the decision? Not Morrissey.

“I didn't have any say in that, actually. I got to work and they just stuck [the shard] in. And I go, ‘Oh, I guess it’s that one, then.’”