Watch: We honor Lando Calrissian for Black History Month's 28 Days of Heroes

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Apr 28, 2017, 11:41 AM EDT (Updated)

Lando Calrissian is one of the coolest dudes in the Star Wars universe, so for our final installment of 28 Days of Heroes, it's all about the original owner of the Millennium Falcon.

Lando is a key player in the original Star Wars trilogy, helping the Rebels take down the Empire once and for all (well, you know what we mean). He's also one of the few black men represented in a galaxy far, far away. He's served as an inspiration and hero for young fans for generations and always comes through in a pinch and when the chips are down.

The guy also has some killer style (that cape is rocking, dude), and Donald Glover will have his work cut out for him to pick up the mantle in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off film. If it's anything like the original trilogy, don't be surprised if Lando steals the show again.

That's a wrap for 28 Days of Heroes!

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