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WATCH: We made Kevin Smith cry with our 'Either/Or' game

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Dec 13, 2018

If you had to choose between two things that you loved, what would you keep? And what would you give up? That’s the premise of our “Either/Or” game, which we recently played with director/writer/actor Kevin Smith.

First, we started Smith off with an “easy” topic: Either comics or movies? As Smith himself noted, he owes a lot to movies, but it wasn’t an automatic choice. Surprisingly, there was only one choice that seemed to move Smith to tears. It happened when we asked him to pick between Ahsoka Tano and Rey.

“Ahsoka,” said Smith, without any hesitation. “Not because I dislike Rey. I think Rey is wonderful. But Ahsoka has the emotional tie to Anakin Skywalker, and there’s that amazing [scene] in [Star Wars Rebels], where she fights Vader. She cracks the mask and you see his eye.”

That was the thought that caused Smith to briefly tear up, before he finished his response.

“He says in the voice that’s not James Earl Jones, ‘Ahsoka,’” related Smith. “And then there’s that one moment where she’s like ‘Anakin!’ And then he goes dark side... I want that character, I think every Star Wars fan would love to see that character pulled into the cinematic universe. She’s a valuable asset because she’s a beloved character in the universe, she just hasn’t been in the movies yet.”

Smith went on to share his dream casting for a live-action Ahsoka Tano. Additionally, we made Smith choose between Aquaman and Namor, before giving him an even tougher choice: Mallrats or Chasing Amy, two of his signature films. It’s a real Sophie's choice for Smith, and you can see how it played out by watching the full video.

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