Watch the Who 50th-anniversary prequel that proves: Moffat lies!

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Nov 14, 2013, 9:26 AM EST

Moffat lies! Night of the Doctor is here and it stars ... the one Doctor we most hoped it would be. Guess Who? 

Hello. I'm the Doctor! I've had so, so many lives, but there's one I try very hard to forget.

No, wait. Stop.

No. That's not true, really. There are TWO lives I try very hard to forget. That Time War one, and this other time when I was half human ... on my mother's side.

Don't know what I mean? Haven't you been watching the last 50 years? Oh, never mind. Start now -- with The Night of the Doctor.

Yes, old friends, the Sisterhood of Karn returns for the first time since the Tom Baker classic, "The Brain of Morbius." But they aren't the only ones returning, and if this minisode is any representation, The Day of the Doctor will have much for us Whovians of yore to enjoy.

And thank goodness for that.

Also referenced are some companions most people have never heard of before and, oh yeah, what seems to be the explanation for how there can be a John Hurt Doctor without the Doctor being closer to death than we thought.

I'll say no more. But tell us -- are you as pumped as we are? Because that was genuinely amazing.

(via BBC)