Krypton, Pacific Rim and Valiant Comics: Who Won The Week For March 19-23

WATCH: Who Won the Week for March 19-23: SYFY’s Krypton rises against Pacific Rim Uprising

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Mar 24, 2018, 5:22 PM EDT

Between SYFY’s Superman prequel TV series Krypton debuting, The X-Files ending its 11th season run, Deadpool 2 unleashing a new glorious NSFW trailer and Pacific Rim Uprising finally opening in theaters on Friday; there was some juicy geeky stuff to sink our teeth into this week. If that wasn’t enough, the original Captain Kirk himself, actor William Shatner, blew 87 candles on his birthday cake as well.

SYFY WIRE’s Contributing Editor Karama Horne once again joined forces with Editor-in-chief Adam Swiderski for this week’s video installment of Who Won the Week to discuss — what else — what won the week for us. While some of us are currently geeking out over Valiant Comics’ Quantum and Woody, others are getting ready for the upcoming second season of showrunner Noah Hawley’s X-Men spinoff series Legion (which is premiering April 3, BTW) by either re-watching or catching up on Season 1.

For this week’s edition, however, we’re firmly pitching Kaiju and Jaegers against the Man of Steel’s grand-dad (Seg-El) and Brainiac.

With the first episode of Krypton featuring a lot of world building, introducing a whole bunch of characters and Kryptonian Houses, using time travel and setting up Brainiac as the season’s Big Bad, there was a lot to take in. Meaning: it’s going to take a couple of episodes for fans to get a clearer idea of the David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler series.

As for Pacific Rim Uprising, while it’s always a whole lot of fun to see giant robots beating up giant monsters and vice versa, the sequel was a little more over the top than the first film. It also boasted a more anime feel to it — which isn’t surprising since star John Boyega, who is a huge anime fan, acted as producer on the movie. Despite not fully living up to the greatness of the first Pacific Rim, Boyega’s young co-star, newcomer Cailee Spaeny, did impress us with her performance.

Dig into our video to see who won the week for us, and let us know who or what won the week for you in the comments below.

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