Comic Book Must Haves: Who Won The Week For May 7-11

WATCH: Who Won the Week for May 7-11: free comic book must-haves

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May 16, 2018, 1:58 PM EDT (Updated)

May 5 was Free Comic Book Day and we are still slowly coming off the high of that most sacred day. After sifting through an impressive batch of FREE titles available at our local comic book shop, we came up with our favorite titles to let you know what you should be reading for the latest video edition of Who Won the Week.

Joining SYFY WIRE's contributing editor Karama Horne is her Who Won the Week podcast cohort Dany Roth. The dynamic WWtW duo went down to business by introducing their favorite comics.

Dany's first pick is Vault Comics' Maxwell's Demons by Dennis Camp. He neatly sums up the story as being about a "morally ambiguous kid with an abusive father and a talking teddy bear who travel across dimensions." The second comic Dany chose is The Wilds from Black Mask Studios. Penned by Vita Ayala, illustrated by Emily Pearson and colored by Marissa Louise, it's about a zombie apocalypse… but with flowers.

Kamara's first choice is Image ComicsBarrier, penned by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Marcos Martin. It follows a U.S. rancher named Liddy and a Honduran immigrant named Oscar who get kidnapped by aliens. Despite their language barrier, they have to work together. Tamara also picked Valiant's Harbinger Wars 2 #2, penned by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Tomas Giorello. The issue features one of her favorite characters: Livewire, aka Amanda McKee, a telekinetic technopath who goes up against a corrupt government by getting rid of all the electricity in the world. Ooops! Here goes the internet.

So which title do you think won the week? Check out our exclusive video to find out and let us know which free comic book won the week for you!

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