Watch: Why The Exorcist producer was initially reluctant about the remake

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Jul 24, 2016

We’ve known for several month now that The Exorcist will be getting a TV series. But fans of the horror classic wanted to know why. After all, The Exorcist is already a complete tale. It Jeremy Slater, executive producer of The Exorcist who was on hand at San Diego Comic-Con, told us…he absolutely agreed.

Initially, Slater was reluctant to turn the 1973 movie into a television series: “You’re never going to tell that same story better, you’re only going to make it longer.” 

But Slater eventually landed on the perfect solution, a way to make lemonade from demonic lemons: Place new characters into the familiar universe and tell a new tale of demonic possession. Voila.

If it sounds a bit like the non-genre show Fargo, you'd be right. But Slater was quick to mention his solution pre-dated Fargo

Actors Brianne Howey (Katherine), Hannah Kusulka (Casey), Geena Davis (Angela), and Alfonso Herrera (Father Tomas) told us a bit about the series, which will be airing on Fox starting September 23, 2016. It’s seems that it’s not merely about a family in trouble. 

As Herrera says, “Their problems are much more profound.”

Check it out.



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