Jack Kirby, Fourth World

WATCH: Will DC Animation ever gift us a Jack Kirby Fourth World movie?

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:06 AM EDT (Updated)

The DC Universe 10th Anniversary 30-Film Collection obviously offers fans plenty of viewing pleasure. But 30 films? They can't all be good, right?

Wrong, according to DC Animated Film producer Jim Krieg: "Actually, they all hold up, frankly. They really do." Granted, having worked on some of the films himself, and being a huge part of the company, he may be a little biased. (But he's certainly not the only one who agrees with that assessment.)

Still, the man knows his animated stuff, as you can see in the video below. We spoke with Krieg directly from NYCC about the new collection, and the finer points of what makes the films hold up so well. We also spoke with the voice of Batman, Jason O’Mara, and you'll never guess his favorite Batman line! Well, "line" may be overstating things. 

Lastly, we used our time wisely with producer/writer Bruce Timm to ask him something that we've been wondering for a long time, namely if we'll ever get a Fourth World/New Gods animated movie, inspired by Jack Kirby's beloved early '70s storyline.

So what did Timm have to say about such a stellar prospect? We'll, let's just say we're not holding our collective breath.


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