WATCH: Witchblade artist Marc Silvestri sketches The Darkness

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Oct 12, 2017, 12:30 PM EDT

To swipe a line from Bane: You may have adopted the Darkness, but Marc Silvestri created it!

Silvestri was one of the original seven artists who left Marvel Comics 25 years ago to form Image Comics, where Silvestri would soon establish his own studio, Top Cow Productions. There he created Witchblade, a smash-hit series starring an NYPD detective who becomes bonded to a mystical gauntlet that gives her incredible abilities. It was in this series that Silvestri debuted another iconic character — The Darkness — a demonically powered mafia hit man who would go on to star in his own smash-hit series and later even a pair of successful video games.

Much like how The Darkness can summon demons from another dimension at will, Marc Silvestri is able to summon forth beautiful drawings from blank pieces of paper, and when we visited with him in his home studio in Southern California, he did just that! In the video below, Silvestri takes a rough pencil sketch all the way through to finished inks, showing off the incredibly fine linework that he's well known for as he renders a picture of the Darkness and one of his demonic buddies.

Check it out.


Additional material by Matt Funk.