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WATCH: WW84, Venom, Star Wars’ Leia returns: Who Won the Week for July 30 – August 3

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Aug 3, 2018

Wonder Woman 1984! Venom! Star Wars: Episode IX! Yep. We're taking a look at those three hotly anticipated movies for our July 30 - August 3 video edition of Who Won the Week, with SYFY WIRE's Jackie Jennings being joined by contributing editor Dany Roth.

First up is director Patty Jenkins' upcoming Wonder Woman sequel. Jenkins recently tweeted a picture of Pedro Pascal in a blonde 1980s hairdo, which is a very far cry from the way the actor looked as Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones. Pascal's role is still being kept under wraps, so it’ll be interesting to see who he's playing.

Next up was the release of a brand-new trailer for Sony's Venom, giving us a much better look at Tom Hardy as the titular character. While the trailer was pretty great, the downside was that we had a hard time understanding just what in the heck Hardy was saying as the alien symbiote, giving us all kinds of Bane flashbacks from The Dark Knight Rises.

Last but not least was the news that the late Carrie Fisher would appear in Episode IX via the use of unused footage from The Force Awakens (and not The Last Jedi). Truth be told, the news has us a tad nervous, since we're wondering how they'll actually make it work in a way that feels right.

Check out our exclusive video to find out who won the week for us and let us know which of those movies actually won the week for you.

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