Watch: Wyatt Cenac and the People of Earth cast on aliens, Daily Show memories

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Oct 15, 2016, 10:45 AM EDT (Updated)

During his stint on The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac met a lot of interesting people. Little did he know that gig would prepare him for his next one.

After finding a ton of success with re-runs of the geek-adjacent sitcom The Big Bang Theory, TBS is taking a shot on its own original geek-ish sitcom via People of Earth. The show focuses on a support group for people who believe they were abducted by aliens. We caught up with Cenac and People of Earth co-star Da’vine Joy Randolph to talk about the new series and their own experiences with the UFO crowd.

Cenac tells an interesting story about meeting real-life folks who believe in UFOs while working on The Daily Show for a segment, and even getting to visit NASA along the way. Randolph tries to answer the age old question of “Are Aliens Real?” while describing the series itself as a “really awesome buffet” balancing the geeky and general comedy elements.

People of Earth premieres Monday, October 31 on TBS.

Check out the interviews below: