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WATCH: X-Force in 2 minutes

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May 9, 2018, 6:09 PM EDT (Updated)

While this month's Deadpool 2 will make for the cinematic debut of the X-Force, featuring plenty of heroes both mutant and... not, the X-Men offshoot has a rich and overly complicated history that seems to come with the comic book territory. That means there's plenty to dig into before the movie comes out so when those easter eggs get dropped, you'll be there to catch them.

The X-Force was always the tougher, more intense, and more violent version of the X-Men as they were led by the tough, intense, and violent super-soldier Cable. They were children of the hyper-macho and hyper-color '90s, so what did you expect besides bulging muscles and big guns?

The team that made Deadpool famous (by fighting him!) had as many iterations and evolutions as its offshoot has one-liners... and the best way to appreciate the wackiness of the film is to embrace the wackiness of the comics.

You can watch above, below, or here to learn all about the X-Men's sassier cousins.