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WATCH: Xena: Warrior Princess in 2 minutes

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Mar 28, 2018, 2:02 PM EDT (Updated)

Charging out of its pulpy sword and sorcery past and onto the small screen came Xena: Warrior Princess, one of the biggest guilty pleasures of late '90s TV, and a harbinger of more gladiatorial princesses battling evil into the next century.

This spinoff of the Kevin Sorbo-starring Hercules: The Legendary Journeys hit the airwaves on 1995 and ran a total of 134 episodes before running out of juice in 2001. Xena starred the campy-but-charismatic New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless, and was originally developed and produced by Renaissance Pictures' Robert Tapert and Evil Dead's Sam Raimi.


Before Wonder Woman became the essential superheroine on the big screen last year, Xena: Warrior Princess marked its own territory with a series of rousing adventures set in a fictionalized fantasy arena mostly based on ancient Greece, but expanding into other corners of the globe. With her loyal (and loving) sidekick, Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), Xena and her gleaming sword embarked on adventurous quests to combat injustice and protect the helpless from roving beasts and raging gods.

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