Watch 1st of 10 new Mercury Men episodes (now with bonus extras)

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Dec 16, 2012

Syfy's online web series The Mercury Men is back with 10 new retro raygun-filed episodes, and this time around the exciting episodes themselves are just the beginning.

These 10 new installments are presented in a Director's Notes Edition—they'll include visual commentary, behind-the-scenes video, deleted scenes and more.

Mercury Men takes place in Pittsburgh in 1975 and is about a government employee who finds himself in the middle of a plot involving murderous glowing men from Mercury who are attempting to crash the moon into Earth. Helping Edward survive the invasion of his government building—and save the Earth—is aerospace engineer and all-round hero Jack Yaeger.

To get started, check out the first new episode below, and then head on over to The Mercury Men for more info.


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