Watch 2 crazy chefs create most disgusting Millennium Falcon ever

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Dec 15, 2012

We've seen Millennium Falcon replicas made of LEGOs, cake and even cardboard, but we've never seen anything this nerdtastically insane. Watch with an unavoidable mix of awe and terror as two intrepid geeks sculpt Han Solo's baby from $92 and change of McDonald's cuisine.

Our story begins with Valerie "Sexy Nerd Girl" Lapomme and her intrepid co-pilot Guy, who apparently had nothing better to do one afternoon than make Star Wars vehicles out of truly disgusting amalgamations of junk food. The pair visits their friendly neighborhood McDonald's and purchases 12 Big Macs, six large orders of fries, 10 McNuggets and two Filet-o-Fish sandwiches (one of which Guy chomps down on just for the heck of it).

Yeah, none of those things sound so bad by themselves, but just wait for it ...

To bind this bad boy—which they've cleverly named the "McLennium Falcon"—Valerie and Guy have purchased three hefty jars of mayo and three bottles of Thousand Island dressing. Yum?

Now it's time to build it. Watch as they arrange the Big Macs in a shape vaguely resembling the Falcon, then place two half Macs out front and one half Filet-O-Fish to one side to make the distinctive prongs and the cockpit. Then it gets gross ...

Yup, now it's time to dump all that mayo and dressing on top of those sandwiches, then cover the whole top with fries ... you know, for armor.

But these guys don't stop with one Star Wars vehicle. Oh no, that would be like making just one series of CGI changes to the trilogy. It's just not enough. So they go and build themselves a Dessert Star. And yes, that's what you think it is.

The Dessert Star is a Rice Krispies treat dome stuffed with Skittles and then covered with maple and brown sugar candied bacon. The thing doesn't quite work, so they opt to blow it up, which may just be the most disgusting thing in the whole video. Why? Because you don't ever let good bacon go to waste, that's why.

As for what happens to the Falcon. Well ... let's just say that if you have a weak stomach, you might want to stop watching around the 7-minute mark.

Junk food shenanigans aside, this video is fun for the sheer commitment its stars pour into it. They know they're doing something unspeakably dorky, but they're having fun (though the Jack Daniels probably helped with that). If you watch it, odds are you'll have a little fun, too, if only because you get to mock them for eight minutes.

(via Topless Robot)

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