Watch 30 movie and TV moments when people said: "I'm Batman!"

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Dec 17, 2012

It's one of sci-fi's great catch phrases. Lower your voice to a growl, look stern and tell the world your true identity. And in case you were wondering how often you can hear it in movies and TV, someone's put together a supercut of everyone from Lady Gaga to Abed from Community claiming they're the Caped Crusader.

You'll probably remember quite a few of these moments, especially since some of them are actually Batman. All four big-screen Dark Knights are represented here, along with TV's Adam West and several incarnations of the animated bat. And then there's Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, Daffy Duck and even a stop-motion Dark Knight direct from Robot Chicken.

Check out the video below.

So who says it best?

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