Watch kid's adorable reaction to Vader's 'I am your father' moment

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Dec 15, 2012

Remember when you saw The Empire Strikes Back for the first time? If the moment hadn't been spoiled for you in advance, you'd remember the genuine shock of learning the dark secret between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. We bet you looked kind of like this little boy.

Awesome dad and YouTuber, BashtheMonkey, put a camera in front of his children to capture his son's reaction to one of cinema's greatest twists. (His daughter, it turns out, already knew about Vader and was playing along.) It's priceless. But best of all, after he gets over his shock, he becomes embroiled in the story once again.

We remember reacting the exact same way.

What about you? Did you get the shock of your life when you learned that Vader was Luke's father? Or had you been previously spoiled by friends or family?

(via NYMag)

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