Watch a guy spend 1,000 hours painting Thundercats ... in 3 minutes

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Dec 15, 2012

We've brought you the astounding action-figure oil paintings of artist Robert Burden before, but the dude just keeps getting better. He's done Voltron, Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe and even G.I. Joe's Serpenter, and now he's back with a 6-foot-tall, 11-foot-wide ThunderCats masterpiece.

Burden spent about 1,000 hours crafting the elaborate painting, titled "Soldiers of Thundera" and featuring Lion-O, Cheetara, Ben-Gali, Tygra and Panthro, plus a cameo from Mumm-Ra and a couple of other characters. But you don't just get to see the finished product this time, because he filmed the whole thing and then compiled it into a three minute time-lapse.

Part of what makes the video so fun to watch is that Burden doesn't feature himself in it too much. You just see the layers of the painting coming together into the finished product. It's like the painting is emerging from the canvas all by itself, and somehow that makes it even more awesome.

(via Geekosystem)

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