Watch adorable 17-year-old Seth Green's 1st moment of fame

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Sure, Seth Green is the King of the Geeks NOW (though we suspect he'd have to duke it out with Wil Wheaton for the crown), but 20 years ago he was just a teen whose TV commercial for a burger chain was giving him his first taste of fame.

Before Buffy, and way long before Robot Chicken, Green was just another struggling actor. And his role in a Rally's commercial as the kid who said "cha-ching" got him the key to the city of New Orleans and brought him on the field during halftime with the Saints so he could shout out his catch phrase.

Check out the young Green before he was (well, actually, just as he was becoming) famous.

(via The Daily What)