Leaked Captain America post-credits clip reveals Avengers teaser

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Dec 14, 2012

If you were fast enough, you might have caught the bootleg video this morning of the new Avengers teaser that was tucked at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. Unsurprisingly, it's already gone. Don't worry, though—we've still got you covered with the play-by-play.

Steve Rogers is angrily lacing into a punching bag until it flies off its metal hinges when Nick Fury enters from the shadows. They have a little chat, the content of which follows:

Nick Fury: "Trouble sleeping?"

Steve Rogers: "You're here with a mission, sir?"

NF: "I am."

SR: "Trying to get me back in the world?"

NF: "Trying to save it."

Then we get glimpses of the whole team, one by one, the new Captain America uniform, Iron Man, Thor. The voice-over asks "You think you're the only hero in the world?" as the phrase "Some. Assembly. Required." flies across the screen.

We end in a circular room. Thor is in the center, and we can see Cap and what seems to be the rest of the team in the background. Nick Fury gets the final line.

"Gentlemen? You're up."

Well? Are we excited yet?

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