Watch before it's gone: Thor's spoilery post-credits easter egg

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Dec 14, 2012

Unless you're one of those who leaves before credits finish rolling—and if so, how COULD you?—then you already know that Marvel movies don't really end, but instead sneak in the beginning for the NEXT superhero thrill ride.

And Thor—which some overseas audiences have been lucky enough to see in advance of its May 6, 2011, opening in the U.S.—is no exception.

We have no idea how long this somewhat fuzzy clip will be available, so you if intend to crack open this easter egg, you'd better do it now.

And a second warning, which shouldn't be necessary—you do realize there'll be a spoiler or two involved, don't you?

Now that you've been warned, do you dare to click?

So what do you think?

(via The Flick Cast)

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