Watch David Duchovny call Twilight "bullsh*t"

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Adam-Troy Castro
Dec 14, 2012

Did you hear what David Duchovny had to say about Stephenie Meyer's Twilight earlier this week? "It's not writing," he said. "It's like bound toilet paper."

But you shouldn't blame the former X-Files star for that outburst. Blame the writers of Californication, the Showtime series in which Duchovny portrays sex-addicted writer Hank Moody, this season teaching a college writing class.

In the latest episode, "The Land of Rape and Honey," Moody critiques a gay vampire story written by guest star Ed Westwick, best known for his role as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

Check out the clip below as Duchovny lets his student know, among other things, that "The world doesn't need any more lame vampire fiction, you know what I'm saying?"

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