Watch Denzel kick sci-fi butt in The Book of Eli

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

In the upcoming sci-fi action movie The Book of Eli, star Denzel Washington performs his own stunts as a lone warrior in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and he talks about it in this new behind-the-scenes video from Warner Brothers.

Washington talks about working with the stunt coordinators behind the Bourne films to achieve his fighting style.

"I do my own fights. I fight, I think, 16 guys at once," he says.

Co-director Allen Hughes—who made the film with his brother, Albert—says that Washington wasn't just throwing a single punch at a time. "It was going for a minute, straight, he was fighting," Allen Hughes said.

Warner Brothers describes The Book of Eli this way: Washington plays a lone warrior named Eli who fights his way across the desolate wasteland of near-future America to realize his destiny and deliver the knowledge in a book that can bring civilization back from the brink of destruction and save the future of humanity. The film's original screenplay is by Gary Whitta and Anthony Pekham.

The movie also stars Gary Oldman as the villainous Carnegie; Mila Kunis as Solara; Ray Stevenson as Redridge, Carnegie's enforcer; Jennifer Beals as Solara's blind mother and the concubine of Carnegie; and Michael Gambon and Frances de la Tour as George and Martha, an old couple with a big secret. The Book of Eli opens Jan. 15.

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