Watch George Lucas explain the Disney deal in his own words

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Dec 17, 2012

Lots of articles have come and gone since the HUGE news that Lucasfilm has been picked up by Disney, but now there's video from the man himself, George Lucas, talking about his feelings on passing the torch.

What follows is almost a little sad, because, despite the benefits of moving to Disney and even though he will remain a creative consultant on future projects, this is still the moment George Lucas officially retires. Yes, the prequel trilogy may have not been up to snuff for those of us who obsessed with the original films as children, but it's still weird to watch a man who has crafted one of the most rich and complex universes in the history of science fiction take his bow.

Of course, the notion of fresh blood for the franchise is incredibly exciting. Kathleen Kennedy is right to point out that Disney has done very well by Marvel, and if that is any indication, the future of Star Wars is in very good hands. Plus, don't forget, they still have those treatments for the potential Episodes 7, 8 and 9 written by Lucas himself.

(via Deadline)